How about some – easy to make – salad for lunch?

Rapunzel salad with Canned Tuna (in brine), Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Mozzarella

Earlier I told you about my recently discovered most favorite green salad – Her Royal Highness, Princess Rapunzel. It is also known as Mâche Salad, Corn-salad and some other more or less famous names. When we speak about names in Serbian it is called Matovilac, and trust me that is funny name even in my language.

I like Rapunzel because of her delicate, velvety leaves, sweet and mild taste and that it goes perfectly with my other two favorites Arugula and Baby Spinach as it softens their bitterness.

This is a super easy recipe and gives you variety of combinations, according to your own taste and preferences. Also you can make it with more or less calories, again depending on your needs.


Ingredients that I almost always use:

  • Rapunzel (Mâche) Salad – (about 23 kcal/100g)*
  • Arugula (Rocket Salad) – (about 25kcal/100g)
  • Baby Spinach – (about 37kcal/100g)
  • Cherry Tomatoes (3-4 cherries) – (about 3kcal/1cherry)
  • Mature Hard White Cheese, Goat Cheese, Low Fat Ricotta Cheese, or even Baby Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese (20-50 grams as cheese usually has lots of calories, but I love the taste of it in my salads) – (depending on the type of cheese it can go from 90kcal – 400kcal, so choose wisely which one you will add to your salad).

And then add one of the proteins:

  • Chicken (boiled, roasted, leftovers from previous lunch/dinner)
  • Tuna (canned(in brine not in oil – canned tuna in brine has much less calories (about 100kcal/100g)) or fresh tuna if you like it
  • Smoked Salmon or baked/boiled salmon depends what you like (calorie calculations will vary depending on the type you use, so think about it and plan ahead before you go shopping)
  • boiled egg or two is also an option (about 155kcal/1 hard boiled egg)

You can make your own combinations, whatever you like the best. Depending on the ingredients it can be a 300kcal or 1000kcal meal, it is up to your choice. You can add a bit of salt and bit of olive oil (about 115kcal/1tbs – do you really need it or you would rather add more eggs, meat, cheese). I don’t put salt in my food because I like the actual taste of the food and not the taste of the salt. I also don’t add spices into my food, but if you are into that, then definitely do so (check the calories first). Seasonings are also not my thing – plus most of the seasonings have extra calories that you don’t really need.

Rapunzel, Arugula, Cherry Tomatoes, White Cheese and one Boiled Egg

Add the ingredients you like the most, toss your salad in a big salad bowl, have fun to decorate it a bit and don’t forget to take pictures so you can post them in the comments below.

These salads are convenient to take with you, or to quickly make them straight from a grocery store in your office or when you go to visit friends (unless you know they can feed you with the food you can eat, in which case just let them). I did this one few days ago when I went to visit my friend Sanja and on a way decided that I am hungry so I stopped in a first grocery store picked up some ingredients and tossed a salad as soon as I entered her kitchen, it was super delicious and I was happy after that. I love it that these meals are ready within minutes, they are super tasty and colorful and they make me happy. I love the best when I come to the bottom of the bowl and all the juices and pieces of cheese and tomatoes are there for that one last bite.

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Until next time enjoy your Rapunzel Salad Combos.

And don’t forget to add your salad pictures in the comments section below.

*NOTE: Check the nutrition facts for products that you use and your usual calorie calculators. All Kcal given here are approximate and the amount might vary depending on the products you are using.

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